New Black and white version of Princess Lila and Cave

As Princess Lila and Cave is self published it means that the price of printing is taken from the overall selling price of the book.
When Lila and her daddy put the book together, they never wanted to make a profit, they had done the project out of the love of working and interacting together, however, saw the finished product as an opportunity to make money for the Cancer Fund For Children.

We put the asking price as low as we could, for a colour book, whilst added a little more for the asking price so that we could make money for the charity.

We released a digital version of the book also and although sales were good, I think that the £11.99 asking price for Lila’s book was considered a bit steep for some.

With this in mind, Lila’s daddy has now put together a black and white version of the book together.  The asking price for this book is £4.99 AND there is still money going to the Cancer Fund For Children.

To get your copy of Lila’s first published book whether it is the full colour version, the black and white edition or the amazing digital copy, go here


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