About Lila

picsay-1386438784Lila was born in Belfast in 2007.  A natural story teller, Lila began telling strange and wonderful tales about everything from talking animals and magical creatures, through to angels and aliens.  Her imagination truly knows absolutely no bounds.

As well as telling amazing stories, Lila is a very good artist and would rather spend her spare time drawing characters and worlds than watching television.  She will tell detailed tales about her work explaining how every shape and design is there for a reason and is important in the story she is portraying.

Her amazing imagination is backed up by a very dark and surreal sense of humour, perhaps influenced by her dad who is Welsh and mad as a hatter!

2013-09-14 10.02.07Lila’s first book, Princess Lila and Cave, was a calibration between herself and her father.  It was written and built over an eight month period through the end of 2013 and early 2014.

Lila has a varied music taste and enjoys extremely heavy metal along with Gangnam Style.

Her favourite television shows are: Adventure Time, Ren and Stimpy, Marvellous Misadventures of Flap Jack, Tom and Jerry and Rugrats.

Lila has many ideas for stories and books and this website will be where you will find out more – as well as her Facebook Page here


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Born in 2007 – Lila is a an amazing storyteller, artist, with an imagination that knows no bounds! Welcome to her world!